Installing Mine Craft In Your Own Computer

ninecraft installation

Minecraft, the online game developed by Markus Person, was released in 2011.It has fast become the most popular online game which can be played by a single player as well as multi players. When the game is played in the multi player mode, a hosting server is required. This server has to be downloaded and installed on the PC that is being used to play the game. This guide to minecraft server hosting will help you to get more ideas. You can also check for further information.

Let’s see how to install a server for the Windows users

Know your computer properties
Find out the properties of your PC. You have to know which version of windows is being used on your computer, how much space is available to enable complete download and the speed of your CPU. When you plan to use the server for hosting the game of multiple users, you need to ensure that RAM storage and system speed is optimum. Otherwise, the whole thrill of the game is destroyed. There is no fun in waiting for a lagging system to gather its act.

Check the internet connection and the speed provided by the internet service provider
The internet speed is a factor that determines the speed of the game too. You need to check with the service provider regarding the speed of the connection. Make sure the game is not affected due to a slow internet connection.

Latest version of Java update
Mine craft requires the installation of the latest version of Java for efficient performance. You will have to install the version from the website and run it in the system. Check which is suitable for your computer as Java comes in 32 bit as well as 64-bit versions. Macintosh computers normally have Java as a pre installed program.

Installing the server
Now comes the part where you install the Minecraft server. Create a separate folder for future reference. Place it in the root directory of the hard drive and save it.
Download From Windows the file Minecraft_Server.exe and save it to the folder you created for the purpose. For a Macintosh computer, you need to get the file minecraft_server.jar. The other version does not run on Macintosh systems. Double click the file to execute it.

You will be instructed as and when the download completes, and the execution starts. Be patient and check the instructions. Do not rush to delete the file even if you get a message that some file extensions are missing. The files will get installed on their own by the end of the entire process. So just be patient and let the process complete on its own.

Once you have installed the file, adjust the settings to suit your preferences. There are options from which you can choose the modes you prefer playing in. The no threat or attack mode can be selected as per the player’s wish. You can also determine who has and who doesn’t have access to the game. Being the administrator of the game, it is up to you to decide the features of your game.